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January 15, 2021

You can read our review on the repair of alkylation damage to DNA with Nima Mosammaparast here: The complexity and regulation of the repair of alkylation damage to nucleic acids.

January 1, 2021

Happy new year everybody, here is hoping the COVID-19 epidemic will be behind us a year from now!

December 15, 2020

Please take a look at our collaboration with the laboratory of Martijn Luijsterburg on the characterization of two new patients with mutations in the XPA-binding domain of ERCC1: ERCC1 mutations impede DNA damage repair and cause liver and kidney dysfunction in patients


October 30, 2020

You can read our latest paper in Nature Comm. with Jung-Eun Yeo as a corresponding author: SDE integrates into the TIMELESS-TIPIN Complex to Protect Stalled Replication Forks


September 17, 2020

Learn about how TFIIH operates in NER and what some of the open question with regards to its mechanisms are in the multi-lab review in the journal DNA Repair: Envisioning how the prototypic molecular machine TFIIH functions in transcription initiation and DNA repair


September 4, 2020

Our collaborative paper with the Burgers Laboratory on how Rev1-Pol z works in ICL repair is out in NAR: Bypass of DNA interstrand crosslinks by a Rev1-DNA Polymerase Z complex


August 31, 2020

Two new graduate students joined our branch this semester: Geunil Yi from UNIST, who already worked in the Takata Lab as an undergraduate and Thuzar Lwin from the University of Yangoon in Myanmar, who spent a summer here as and exchange student. Welcome!!


August 27, 2020

Please check out first paper from the Takata Lab at IBS-CGI in NAR Cancer: Defining the mutation signatures of DNA polymerase θ in cancer genomes

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